UPSWING proposes the development of three large scale fully functional training schemes for the: (i) insulation technicians, (ii) aluminium and metal constructions craftsmen, and (iii) installers-maintainers of burners, in full accordance with the priorities and Action Plan of the Greek Qualification Roadmap. Initially, the specific training and qualification schemes will be designed according to the identified needs. The occupational profiles will be updated and validated. A cross craft introductory session, addressing all professions in the sector, is also proposed. Next, the training material and guidelines (including practical training), as well as the assessment criteria and tools (for the exams leading to certification of trainees) will be developed, while the “train the trainers” courses will be designed and piloted. Following these steps, the schemes will be tested in pilot courses, to be evaluated and revised before launching to a fully functional large-scale level.
As UPSWING vision is the sustainability and enhancement of the training schemes after the project’s end, a number of accompanying measures supporting the coordination and operation of the developed schemes are further proposed, such as:

  • provision of incentives to boost the interest and demand for highly qualified workers,
  • formation of an observatory for systematic monitoring of new building skills,
  • proposition of funding mechanisms,
  • communication activities for public awareness.