Expected Results

The expected impacts of the UPSWING initiative, along with the accompanying quantitative targets, are:

  • Development of three large-scale fully functional qualification schemes for the insulation technicians, aluminium and metal constructions craftsmen (assemblers and installers of aluminium frames and glass fitting), and (iii) installers-maintainers of burners, in Greece.
  • Certification of the 3 qualification schemes
  • Significant strengthening of the Continuous Vocational Education and Training (CVET) of the aforementioned professions
  • 9 pilot courses, 3 per professional group (in different regions)
  • 3 pilot “train the trainers” courses, one for each group of professionals addressed
  • 12 training theoretical and practical courses triggered by the action
  • 45 new trainers qualified till the end of the project (and 225 in the near future)
  • 135 professionals (of all 3 categories) qualified and certified till the end of the project
  • 23,650 trained craftsmen and systems installers in the target fields until 2020
  • Implementation of supportive measures to ensure the sustainability of the developed training schemes (proposition of incentives to boost the interest for the building sector professions, proposals for funding mechanisms, dissemination activities to reach the targeted stakeholders, etc.)
  • Establishment of a qualifications/skills "observatory" for the systematic monitoring and recording of the needs for skills enhancement and/or acquisition of new skills in matters of green buildings
  • Accreditation of the bodies that will undertake the training and those that will implement the examination and certification of graduates.