Briefly, the objectives of UPSWING are the following:

  • Development and establishment of three new integrated training schemes on Energy Efficiency on buildings for the Greek insulation technicians, aluminium and metal constructions craftsmen and installers-maintainers of burners on Energy Efficiency on buildings
  • Certification of the 3 training schemes and updating of their occupational profiles
  • 135 graduated professionals from the training courses within the duration of the project, together with 45 well instructed trainers
  • 225 trainers adequately trained to serve the purposes of the action (following the manuals and the “train-the-trainers” pilot courses implemented during UPSWING) by 2020
  • 23,650 graduated professionals from the training courses until 2020
  • Development of the schemes in two phases (an introductory cross-craft thematic unit on EE followed by the specialization courses for each profession)
  • Development of the training material and designation, development and implementation of the training of trainers (TOT) courses
  • Development of a monitoring mechanism for the operation and sustainability of the qualification schemes
  • Provision of financial incentives to encourage participation to the training courses
  • Provision of incentives boosting the demand for highly qualified workers in the construction sector